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Dr. Frank Wolkenberg Our practice specializes in individuals 12 and up. 

Our practice has four main focuses:

          1. The assessment of developmental issues like Learning Disabilities and ADHD diagnoses in students and adults.
          2. The assessment of acquired injuries including Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (Concussion or MTBI) and more serious TBI.
          3. The assessment of changes in memory and other cognitive abilities that occur with aging.
          4. Because knowledge of a problem is useless without the tools for change, specifically targeted, comprehensive recommendations, therapy and other behavioral interventions are an important component of the practice.  

Purpose of Assessment

A neuropsychological assessment can have a number of functions.  Although it is usually a problem that brings a person in, ideally an assessment not only identifies the reasons why someone is struggling, but gives them a comprehensive view of the interplay of their strengths and weaknesses  Great emphasis is put on understanding and appreciating the client as a complex and unique individual functioning in a complex and unique environment.  For students who are not mainstream learners, it permits an understanding of issues that may interfere with acquiring information or demonstrating abilities in standard ways, and offers more effective ways of dealing with areas of difficulty.  If you are an adult client who is trying to make sense of difficulties you have been having,  the goal is to provide useful information about the relationship between the way your brain functions and the way you interact with the world and how that is affecting your experience.  For a referring healthcare professional, our job is to help clarify diagnoses, explain the underlying basis of symptoms, describe strengths and make recommendations for care. 

Our assessments are written and documented in a way that conforms to the most rigorous standards required by schools, testing agencies and legal proceedings, but also in a way that makes them accessible and as easy to understand as possible.  We provide direct and concrete explanations as to what that information means and recommendations as to how to apply it.   These recommendations take a holistic, biopsychosocial approach and are related to day-to-day behavior, educational and work settings, and to medical issues.  In addition to adults, we have assessed students from high schools and most of the colleges in the Baltimore-DC area.  For more information about the process, please visit Neuropsychology Q&A page.

Implementing recommendations

The practice itself is primarily limited to assessment and therapy at this time.  We maintain a growing list of professional referrals such as physicians, tutors and coaches in order to make it possible to put those of our recommendations that require outside resources into practice.  


Dr. Wolkenberg is now a provider for the Johns Hopkins Employer Health Plan and the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan.

When services are provided on a fee-for-service basis, we will provide you with documentation required for reimbursement by your insurer.  If you are planning to seek reimbursement from a third party, make sure that you know what is covered and whether you need prior approval from them.