Photo of adultsLearning Differences and Disabilities, ADHD and Executive Function Evaluations

The assessment of adults is in some ways more challenging than that of adolescents or children. In addition to innate neurobiological factors and immediate stressors, habits of behavior and emotion developed over a lifetime also leave their imprint on the brain and their marks on test performance.

Many of the people whom we see come in because they suspect a diagnosis of ADHD. While a real issue for many, it is also very overdiagnosed, no less because a wide variety of people have positive responses to stimulant medications. However, difficulties with attention and organization can happen for a variety of reasons that are often hard to tell apart, yet the most effective treatment for superficially similar problems can be very different.

We do thorough, thoughtful evaluations of adults that take into account all the factors that may be contributing to whatever difficulties they are experiencing.  Sometimes the reason for these assessments is to clarify diagnostic or medico-legal questions, for instance whether someone merits protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, in general, the goal is to give our clients a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses that contribute to their experiences, and where there are problems, to provide them with solutions.

A full evaluation can run between five and eight hours not including the time spent scoring tests and writing the results.  Depending on the circumstances, not everyone requires the time and expense involved in  testing, so, we will typically ask you to come in first for an initial interview. If testing is necessary, it is usually scheduled over two or three sessions. When it is done, you should get the results within two to three weeks;  this involves a written report as well as an in-person feedback session.

To schedule an evaluation or if you have any questions, please email or call (410) 303-0335.