In general, therapy helps individuals function more effectively and happily in their environments.  Sometimes this is a matter of people making changes in their understanding of what they are experiencing and their reactions to it. But, different issues require different approaches, and at times it is less a matter of changing perspectives than it is of learning new skills.

Help for adults and adolescents differs partly because they differ in the way that they are capable of making and framing their choices and partly because of the amount of control that they have over their environments. Therapy therefore must also be focused at the most effective level. Not every therapist is right for every client, and if we are not a good fit, we do not hesitate to refer to other therapists who may be better matches.


The lives of adolescents are complex.  When present, learning, executive and attentional issues can have behavioral consequences. These are sometimes related to feelings of anger, helplessness or inadequacy, particularly when students have not learned to use their strengths and to work in a way that is suited to them. Other factors can also play a role, such as family frictions that arise when work doesn’t get done or school is avoided. Frequently, there is the assumption that because a student is bright or talented, they should also be good at things that seem easier than their areas of strength, for instance organizing and planning. Sometimes, learning the skills necessary to succeed is enough to reduce or eliminate problems all around. Other times, the problems extend beyond this. While there is a place for one-on-one therapy, because the family system usually plays an important ongoing role in the lives of adolescents, we feel strongly that it is important that parents or caretakers are an active part of the process. We see some adolescents here, or when it is more appropriate, refer them to other therapists. Our main goal is to help your daughter or son to be as happy and successful as possible.


There are many reasons why psychotherapy can be helpful.  One important way is that because you are part of their lives, most of the people in your life, often for the very best of reasons, may want a certain outcome for you that may not be the one that you need.  In contrast, a therapist can focus on what your concerns mean to you independent of his or her needs and help you to figure out what is going on and what you should do.

Sometimes the issues that bring you in stem from preconceptions and feelings that are outside of awareness.  Other times, for a variety of reasons, while you may be very good at certain things, you may  not have developed skills in other areas that make it easier to deal with the world. The solutions for you may be very different than they are for someone else, even someone who has had similar problems.

We provide individual psychotherapy that is focused on helping you to deal with issues and conflicts (inner and outer) in a way that respects your needs and tries to give you the skills to better manage your life.

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