Photo of SeniorsAging and Changes in Memory, Problem Solving and Other Abilities

Changes in brain functions such as memory occur for different reasons, some physiological, others psychological.   Sometimes these changes are a normal part of aging, for instance, when it gets harder to remember names.  Other changes may represent a pathological process, such as getting lost on familiar routes. Sometimes these are due to acute processes, such as illness or the side effects of medications; older people are often sensitive to things like infections that do not noticeably affect younger ones.  Other times, these changes represent a chronic process that needs to be managed.

Based on history and performance on testing, Neuropsychologists are typically able to define the problem and its likely causes; a neuropsychological evaluation is considered the gold standard with a very high degree of accuracy.  Understanding what is going on makes it possible to receive appropriate treatment if necessary, and to have more information to make realistic plans about  the future. 

We will work carefully and cooperatively with your primary care physician or specialist.

Evaluations typically run two to four hours and can sometimes be completed in one day.

To schedule an evaluation or if you have any questions, please email or call (410) 303-0335.